Jason Adcock Introduces Graya to The River - Jason Adcock

Jason Adcock Introduces Graya to The River

The Story behind selling 45 Glencairn Ave Indooroopilly

After selling real estate for 27 years there are a few sales that stand out and make you very grateful to be helping people move on with their life and help them sell usually their most expensive asset. Steve Papas who has owned this family home for 38 years and raised his family there is one of my most memorable sales. Steve is 87 years old and had organised to move on into a retirement village in Taringa. His daughter Phoebe called me in to get my advice on helping sell the family home and effect a sale in a timely manner.We decided that an Auction in the current market was definitely the best method to achieve a great price in a short period, particularly with Auction clearance rates currently the highest in Brisbane’s history .
We had the Auction on the 17 April with the property being passed in to the highest bider at $2.52 Million. I then posted a video of the Auction on all social media platforms showing that it was still available and we were negotiating with the highest bidder. Within minutes my phone started ringing with interested buyers. 8 hours later I met the final buyers (well known luxury home builders) GRAYA at SK Steak & Oyster where we both coincidentally had booked for dinner, the offer was signed at the restaurant. I finished dinner with my wife and hopped in an Uber in the pouring rain and went straight to Steve’s house to close the deal at $2.8 Million.
We celebrated that night with Steve and his daughter Phoebe with a few well deserved champagne’s and they reminisced about the great times the family had growing up in their family home. I was reminded that night why I love this job more than anything.

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