Have your home professionally styled to add $100,000 to the sale price - Jason Adcock

THE number of people styling their properties before putting them on the market has more than doubled, with the practice adding up to $100,000 to a sale price, according to Jason Adcock.

Adcock Prestige principal Jason Adcock said only 20 per cent of his clients styled their homes for sale five years ago, but now that the number has jumped to 80 per cent.

Adcock said his agency had fetched an average of $100,000 more than what had been expected — and they’d all been styled.

“We’re seeing more demand for properties that have been styled than those that haven’t,” he said.

“A lot more people come through open homes and that leads to more competition.”

The average cost of having your home styled professionally is around $8000, but Adcock says it’s worth every cent.

If you style it yourself, you end up buying a whole heap of furniture you probably don’t need,” he said. “And while most people have pretty nice furniture, it’s not necessarily the perfect fit for that property.”

It’s the little touches that can make all the difference — a glass dining table instead of a timber one, knowing how to dress a bed or having the right colour furniture.

“What we’re trying to sell is the dream,” Adcock said. “Not many people live like this but everyone probably wants to.”

If you don’t want to spend the money on a professional stylist, here are some simple tips to potentially add value:

1.Remove clutter from inside and outside of the home

2. Use a high pressure hose to give driveways and other paved areas a fresh, clean look

3. Add fresh mulch or wood chip to gardens

4. A fresh coat of paint will always have an impact

5. Replace dark furniture with light furniture

6. A double bed makes the room appear bigger than a Queen or King sized bed

7. Swap a timber dining table for a glass one

8. Dress a bed with cushions, pillows and textured throws

Jason Adcock - Prestige Property Specialist

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